In search of flowers in the Northeast

June 12, 2018

Brooklyn Bridge Park

A walk through the park:

Catalpa, a tree with showy flowers

Red columbine, although it looks complex, it’s considered primitive because of the indeterminate number of stamens and pistils arranged in a spiral rather than concentric circles like more modern flowers

Woodland pinkroot

Beard tongue


Solomon’s seal

Wood poppy

Winterberry, female flowers

Red dosier dogwood

Virginia sweetspire

Bowman’s root

Common vetch closeup reveals the shape of individual flowers, placing it in the pea family, Fabaceae

Canada thistle

Eastern daisy fleabane

Wild raisin

Scientific names and families:

Catalpa/Catalpa speciosaCatalpa Family: Bignoniaceae

Red columbine/Aquilegia canadensisButtercup Family: Ranunculaceae

Woodland pinkroot/Spigelia marilandica L. – Logania Family: Loganiaceae

Beard tongue/Penstemon digitalisPlantain Family: Plantaginaceae

Alumroot/Heuchera americana L. – Saxifrage Family: Saxifragaceae

Solomon’s seal/Polygonatum multiflorumAsparagus Family: Asparagaceae

Wood poppy/Stylophorum diphyllumPoppy Family: Papavaraceae

Winterberry/Ilex verticallataHolly Family: Aquifoliaceae

Red dosier dogwood/Cornus sericeaDogwood Family: Cornaceae

Virginia sweetspire/Itea virginica – Saxifrage Family: Saxifragaceae

Bowman’s root/Gillenia trifoliataRose Family: Rosaceae

Common vetch/Vicia sativaPea Family: Fabaceae

Canada thistle/Cirisium arvense L. – Aster Family: Asteraceae

Eastern daisy fleabane/Erigeron annuus L. – Aster Family: Asteraceae

Wild raisin/Viburnum cassinoidesAdoxa Family: Adoxaceae

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