In search of flowers in the Northeast

April 19, 2021

Brooklyn Bridge Park

A walk through the park:

Wood poppy

Virginia bluebells

Spring starflower

Creeping phlox

Marsh marigold


Stork’s bill

Scientific names and families:


Wood poppy/Stylophorum diphyllumPoppy Family: Papavaraceae

Virginia bluebells/Mertensia virginicaBorage Family: Boraginaceae

Spring starflower/Ipheion uniflorumAmaryllis Family: Amaryllidacea

Creeping phlox/Phlox subulataPhlox Family: Polemoniaceae

Marsh marigold/Caltha palustrisButtercup Family: Ranunculaceae

Fothergilla/Fothergilla gardeniiWitch hazel Family: Hamamelidaceae

Stork’s bill/Erodium circutarium – Geranium Family: Geraniaceae

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