In search of flowers in the Northeast

September 15, 2017

Colebrook, CT

A walk in the backyard:

Calico aster

Blue wood aster

White snakeroot closeup

Zigzag goldenrod

Pink turtlehead

Japanese anemone

Japanese anemone

Jack-in-the-pulpit berries

Cherry tomato


Chive, late blooming

Witch hazel, the flowers have a distinct fragrance that tells me summer has come to an end

Scientific names and families:

Calico aster/Symphyotrichum lateriflorum L. – Aster Family: Asteraceae

Blue wood aster/Symphyotrichum cordifolio L. – Aster Family: Asteraceae

White snakeroot/Ageratina altissimaAster Family: Asteraceae

Zigzag goldenrod/Solidago flexicaulis L. – Aster Family: Asteraceae

Pink turtlehead/Chelone leoniiPlantain Family: Plantaginaceae

Japanese anemone/Anemone huphensisButtercup Family: Ranunculaceae

Jack-in-the-pulpit/Arisaema triphyllumArum Family: Araceae

Cherry tomato/Solanum lycopersicum var. cerasiforme – Nightshade Family: Solanaceae

Spearmint/Mentha spicataMint Family: Lamiaceae

Chive/Allium schoenoprasumAmarylliss Family: Amaryllidaceae

Witch hazel/Hamamelis virginianaWitch Hazel Family: Hamamelidaceae

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