In search of flowers in the Northeast

May 11, 2018

Colebrook, CT

A walk in the backyard:




Small white violets

Pachysandra in bloom



Garlic mustard is highly invasive. If it’s on your property, pull it up as soon as the flowers show and before it forms seed pods! Easily identified by it’s small flowers with 4 white petals and the leaf shape and color.

Scientific names and families:

Quince/Cydonia oblongaRose Family: Rosaceae

Brunnera/Brunnera macrophyllaBorage Family: Boraginaceae

Daffodil/Narcissus sp. – Amaryllis Family: Amaryllidaceae

Small white violet/Viola macloskeyiViolet Family: Violaceae

Pachysandra/Pachysandra terminalisBoxwood Family: Buxaceae

Speedwell/Veronica arvensisPlantain Family: Plantaginaceae

Strawberry/Fragaria sp. – Rose Family: Rosaceae

Garlic mustard/Alliaria petiolataMustard Family: Brassicaceae

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