In search of flowers in the Northeast

March 6, 2018

Brooklyn Heights

A walk through a backyard garden:

Fragrant sweetbox in bloom

Hellebore or Christmas rose with flower buds starting to open

Pachysandra getting ready to bloom

Hydrangea with leaf bud emerging

Rose with leaf buds emerging

Dogwood with buds

Red bells with buds and last year’s seed capsule

Bleeding heart emerging from the ground


Scientific names and families:

Sweetbox/Sarcococca hookerianaBoxwood Family: Buxaceae

Hellebore/Helleborus nigerButtercup Family: Ranunculaceae

Pachysandra/Pachysandra terminalisBoxwood Family: Buxaceae

Hydrangea/Hydrangea macrophylla Hydrangea Family: Hydrangaceae

Rose/Rosa ‘KORfullwind’ – Rose Family: Rosaceae

Dogwood/Cornus floridaDogwood Family: Cornaceae

Red Bells/Enkianthus campanulatusHeath Family: Ericaceae

Bleeding Heart/Lamprocapnos spectabilisPoppy Family: Papavaraceae

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