In search of flowers in the Northeast

June 10, 2020

Colebrook, CT

A walk in the backyard:


Barren strawberry

Red clover

Blue-eyed grass

Yellow hawkweed, an invasive plant

Ground ivy


White creeping thyme

Goldmoss stonecrop


Bok choy, from the vegetable garden and bolted early!


Scientific names and families:

Phlox/Phlox paniculataPhlox family: Polemoniaceae

Barren strawberry/Waldsteinia ternataRose Family: Rosaceae

Red clover/Trifolium pratensePea Family: Fabaceae

Blue-eyed grass/Sisyrinchium atlanticumIris Family: Iridaceae

Yellow hawkweed/Hieracium pratenseAster Family: Asteraceae

Ground ivy/Glechoma haderaceaMint Family: Lamiaceae

Iris/Iris sanguineaIris Family: Iridaceae

White creeping thyme/Thymus praecox ‘Albiflorus’ – Mint Family: Lamiaceae

Goldmoss stonecrop/Sedum acre L. – Stonecrop Family: Crassulaceae

Bedstraw/Galium apareneMadder Family: Rubiaceae

Bok choy/Brassica rapaMustard Family: Brassicaceae

Chives/Allium schoenoprasumAmarylliss Family: Amaryllidaceae


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