In search of flowers in the Northeast

July 31, 2018

Collinsville, CT

A walk along the Farmington River:

Thin-leaved sunflower

Cardinal flower


Tall meadow rue, a unisex, wind-pollinated plant. These are male flowers with no petals. What you see are white filaments tipped with pale yellow anthers.

Jerusalem artichoke


Joe Pye weed

White snakeroot

Scientific names and families:

Thin-leaved sunflower/Helianthus decapetalusAster Family: Asteraceae

Cardinal flower/Lobelia cardinalisHarebell Family: Campanulaceae

Forget-me-not/Myosotis palustris – Borage Family: Boraginaceae

Tall meadow rue/Thalictrum pubescensButtercup Family: Ranunculaceae

Jerusalem artichoke/Helianthus tuberosusAster Family: Asteraceae

Pokeweed/Phytolacca americanaPokeweed Family: Phytolaccaceae

Joe Pye weed/Eupatorium maculataAster Family: Asteraceae

White snake root/Ageratina altissimaAster Family: Asteraceae

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