In search of flowers in the Northeast

August 9, 2017

Collinsville, CT

A walk along the Farmington River trail:

Jerusalem artichoke (not from Jerusalem and not an artichoke!)

White snakeroot, an aster with only disk flowers


Wild cucumber

White wood aster

Purple-flowering raspberry

American germander

Alfalfa, not to be mistaken for purple loosestrife, which blooms at the same time. Definitely a member of the pea family, it even has 3-part leaves like clover.

Alfalfa with pea pods

Nodding smartweed, closeup shows five very small petal-colored sepals open

Scientific names and families:

Jerusalem artichoke/Helianthus tuberosusAster Family: Asteraceae

White snakeroot/Ageratina altissimaAster Family: Asteraceae

Jewelweed/Impatiens capensisTouch-me-not Family: Balsaminaceae

Wild cucumber/Echinocystis lobataGourd Family: Cucurbitaceae

White wood aster/Eurybia divaricataAster Family: Asteraceae

Purple-flowering raspberry/Rubus adoratusRose Family: Rosaceae

American germander/Teucrium canadenseMint Family: Lamicaceae

Alfalfa/Medicago sativaPea Family: Fabaceae

Nodding smartweed/Persicaria lapathifoliaBuckwheat Family: Polygonaceae

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