In search of flowers in the Northeast

July 31, 2017

Still River Greenway, CT

A walk along the Still River:

Purple loosestrife


Spotted knapweed

Spotted knapweed, this aster has only disk flowers

Queen Anne’s lace

Bird’s foot trefoil


Button bush


Scientific names and families:

Purple loosestrife/Lythrum salicaria – Loosestrife Family: Lythraceae

Mullein/Verbascum thapsusFigwort Family: Scrophulariaceae

Spotted knapweed/Centaurea biebersteinii  – Aster Family: Asteraceae

Queen Anne’s Lace/Daucus carotaParsley Family: Apiaceae

Bird’s foot trefoil/Lotus comiculatusPea Family: Fabaceae

Heal-all/Prunella vulgarisMint family: Lamiaceae

Button Bush/Cephalanthus occidentals L. – Madder Family/Rubiaceae

Silverrod/Solidago bicolorAster Family: Asteraceae


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