In search of flowers in the Northeast

July 17, 2018

Colebrook, CT

A walk in the backyard:

Queen Anne’s lace

Closeup of Queen Anne’s lace shows five-petaled flowers

Potato flowers with anthers nestled along the pistils

Chickory, a member of the Aster Family

Malva, showing the Mallow Family’s distinctive arrangement of sexual parts fused to the pistil

Red clover, if you look closely at the lower flowers, you’ll see the characteristic shape of the Pea Family

Meadow goat’s beard


Scientific names and families:

Queen Anne’s lace/Daucus carotaParsley Family: Apiacea

Potato/Solanum tuberosumNightshade Family: Solanaceae

Chickory/Cichorium intybusAster Family: Asteraceae

Malva/Malva sylvestrisMalva Family: Malvaceae

Meadow goat’s beard/Tragopogon pretensis L. – Aster Family: Asteraceae

Hostas/Hosta sp. – Aspargus Family: Asparagaceae

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