In search of flowers in the Northeast

July 17, 2017

Collinsville, CT

A walk along the Farmington River trail:


Slender dayflower


Greater celandine


Lady’s thumb

Gooseneck loosestrife

Climbing nightshade

Scientific names and families:

Forget-me-not/Myosotis palustris – Borage Family: Boraginaceae

Slender dayflower/Commelina erecta L. – Spiderwort Family: Commelinaceae

Hemp-nettle/Galeopsis tetrahitMint Family: Lamiaceae

Greater celandine/Chelidonium majusPoppy Family: Papavaraceae

Daylily/Hemerocallis fulvaLily Family: Asphodelaceae

Lady’s thumb/Persicaria maculosaBuckwheat Family: Polygonaceae

Gooseneck loosestrife/Lysimachia clethroidesPrimrose Family: Primulaceae

Climbing nightshade/Solanum ducamaraNightshade Family: Solanaceae


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