In search of flowers in the Northeast

August 4, 2018

Colebrook, CT

A walk in the woods and along the road after the rain:

Indian pipe, instead of producing green chlorophyll, this colorless plant gets nutrients from rotting matter on the forest floor

Indian pipe in bloom, from above


White nightshade

Ragweed flowers aren’t showy to attract pollinators. Instead, they produce large quantities of pollen and rely on wind for pollination. Male pollen-producing flowers are located on spikes and female flowers are clustered below.

Red clover

Scientific names and Families:

Indian pipe/Monotropa unifloraHeath Family: Ericaceae

Helleborine/Epipactis helleborineOrchid Family: Orchidaceae

White nightshade/Solanum americanumNightshade Family: Solanaceae

Ragweed/Ambrosia artemisiifoliaAster Family: Asteraceae

Red clover/Trifolium pratensePea Family: Fabaceae


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