In search of flowers in the Northeast

August 24, 2018

Colebrook, CT

A walk in the backyard:

White wood aster

Climbing nightshade

Climbing nightshade fruit

Parsley in bloom


Ragweed, an aster without ray flowers. These are clusters of pollen-producing male flowers.

Mystery plant. Not sure if these are flowers or fruit. I’ve been watching it over 2 years and still can’t identify it.

Scientific names and families:

White wood aster/Eurybia divaricataAster Family: Asteraceae

Climbing nightshade/Solanum ducamaraNightshade Family: Solanaceae

Parsley/Petroselinum crispumParsley family: Apiaceae

Jewelweed/Impatiens capensisTouch-me-not Family: Balsaminaceae

Ragweed/Ambrosia artemisiifoliaAster Family: Asteraceae

Mystery plant???

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