In search of flowers in the Northeast

August 2, 2018

Colebrook, CT

A walk in the backyard:

Joe Pye weed, flowers are about to open

Blackeyed Susan

Queen Anne’s lace, the umbels bend inward forming a basket-like structure that holds maturing seeds

Potato fruit looks like a small green tomato, both are members of the Nightshade Family


Scientific names and families:

Joe Pye weed/Eupatorium maculataAster Family: Asteraceae

Blackeyed Susan/Rudbeckia hirtaAster Family/Asteraceae

Queen Anne’s lace/Daucus carotaParsley Family/Apiaceae

Potato/Solanum tuberosumNightshade Family: Solanaceae

Oregano/Origanum vulgarisMint Family: Lamiaceae


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