In search of flowers in the Northeast

April 26, 2018

Brooklyn Bridge Park

A walk through the park:

Serviceberry, in bloom all over the park


Eastern redbud, just about to open

Spicebush, a dioecious plant, with male and female flowers on separate plants. These are male flowers.


White cedar with female flowering cones

Wild blue phlox

Common henbit

Shepherd’s purse, named after the heart-shaped seed pod

Scientific names and plant families:

Serviceberry or shadbush/Amelanchier canadensisRose Family: Rosaceae

Viburnum/Viburnum carlesiiMoschatel Family: Adoxaceae

Eastern redbud/Cercis canadensisPea Family: Fabaceae

Spicebush/Lindera benzoinLaurel Family: Lauraceae

Dandelion/Taraxacum officinaleAster Family: Asteraceae

White cedar/Thuga occendentalis L. – Cypress Family: Cupressaceae

Wild blue phlox/Phlox divaricataPhlox Family: Polemoniaceae

Common henbit/Lamium amplexicauleMint Family: Lamiaceae

Shepherd’s purse/Capsella bursa-pastorisMustard Family: Brassicaceae

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