In search of flowers in the Northeast

April 18, 2021

Brooklyn Heights Promenade

A walk along the Brooklyn Promenade:

Butterflies magnolia

Tulip, from above while fully open

Bleeding hearts





Scientific names and plant families:


Butterflies magnolia/Magnolia ‘Butterflies’ – Magnolia Family: Magnoliaceae

Tulip/Tulipa sp. – Lily Family: Liliaceae

Bleeding hearts/Dicentra spectabilis  eximia? – Poppy Family: Papavaraceae

Viburnum/Viburnum carlesiiMoschatel Family: Adoxaceae

Brunnera/Brunnera macrophyllaBorage Family: Boraginaceae

Hellebore/Helleborus nigerButtercup Family: Ranunculaceae

Unidentified/Azalea? Camellia? Gardenia?



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