In search of flowers in the Northeast

April 12, 2018

Brooklyn Bridge Park

Although early and the trees still look barren, there are many things blooming in Brooklyn Bridge Park:


A closer look at bloodroot

Marsh marigold

Wood poppy

Virginia bluebells

Virginia bluebells emerging

Male pussy willow flowers in full bloom

Winter hazel in bloom, flowers of this shrub emerge in early spring before the leaves


Grey field speedwell

Purple deadnettle


Scientific names and plant families:

Bloodroot/Sanguinaria canadensisPoppy Family: Papavaraceae

Marsh marigold/Caltha palustrisButtercup Family: Ranunculaceae

Wood poppy/Stylophorum diphyllumPoppy Family: Papavaraceae

Virginia bluebells/Mertensia virginicaBorage Family: Boraginaceae

Pussy willow/Salix discolorWillow Family: Salicaceae

Winter hazel/Corylopsis paucifloraWitch Hazel Family: Hamamelidaceae

Chickweed/Stellaria mediaPink Family: Caryophyllaceae

Grey field speedwell/Veronica persicaPlantain Family: Plantaginaceae

Purple deadnettle/Lamium purpuremum L. – Mint Family: Lamiaceae

Helebore/Helleborus nigerButtercup Family: Ranunculaceae



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